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Shnongpdeng: Natures Great Creation

Shnongpdeng: Natures Great Creation

Shnongpdeng Village

Shnongpdeng Village Is Situated In A Secluded Spot Along The Beautiful Umngot River In West Jaintia Hills. To Get To Shnongpdeng Entails Travelling Via Dawki Which Is Another Great tourist Destination In Meghalaya. Dawki Is A Border Town In South Meghalaya Which Is About 85 Km From Shillong. The Entire May Trip May Take 3 Or 4 Hours If The Destination Is To Reach Shnongpdeng.

Isolated And Confined, Shnongpdeng Is Surrounded By Thick Foliage And Vegetation. Travelling To Shnongpdeng Requires Halting For A Night Or Two. Modern Comforts Are Absent Here Which Means There Are No Hotels Or Restaurants. Shnongpdeng Is A Place For Those Wishing To Get Away From The Mundane City Life.

The Village Has Become A Favourite Camping Spot In Meghalaya. Thus On Reaching Shnongpdeng The First Thing To Do Is To Get To The Other Side Of The River To Find A Place To Make Camp. Food And Other Basic Requirements Can Be Arranged With The Locals.  City Folks Bring Their Own Camping Kit. Visitors Can Either Make Arrangement With The Locals Or Pre-plan Their Stay From Shillong City.

Those Interested In Fishing Can Choose Any Available Spot Along The River Course. Apart From Fishing There Are Water Activities Such As Scuba And Snorkelling. Kayaking And Canoeing And River Rafting Are Some Of The Activities That Are Picking Up. A Boat Trip On The Umngot River Is An Amazing Experience. Since The River Is Crystal Clear The River Bed Is Clearly Visible From The Boats Presenting A Fantastic View Of The Water World And Its Aquatic Life.

The People Are Friendly And The Environment Hospitable. This Beautiful Place Opens Up A World That Is Fast Disappearing. It Is No Surprise That Visitors Especially The City Folks Keep Coming Back To The Village. To Get To Shnongpdeng Taxis And Cars Are Easily Available From Shillong.