No visit to Meghalaya is complete without visiting the popular Police Bazar the commercial hub of Shillong city. Located in the centre of the city, Police bazar is locally known as Khyndai lad or P.B. The market is a busy junction connecting downtown Shillong to Guwahati and other cities of the region. It is easy to avail transport facilities from Khyndai Lad. Private transport for those seeking to travel to Guwahati and other places are abundant. The Meghalaya Tourism Corporation (MTC) has its head office in Khyndai Lad from where it runs its fleet of buses and commercial taxis. Those seeking to travel and visit different parts of Shillong can hire a taxi from Khyndai lad.   

For the resident of Shillong, PB or Khyndai lad is a place for shopping and eating out. It is also a great place to hang out with three cinemas (Gold Cinema, Payal and Bijou) located in the vicinity.  Cloud Nine and Tango are two popular bars cum pubs attracting hordes of crowd especially in the weekend.   The place has good number of hotels for travellers and tourists. Hotel Centre Point and Pegasus Crown are hotels mostly catering to the high end travellers. Some other popular hotels are Eee Cee hotels, Assembly hotels etc. During the peak tourist season, getting a room is almost impossible in Khyndai lad.

Police Bazar is a shopper’s paradise.  The popular Tibetan market at Glory’s plaza has been around for a long time in Police Bazar and is still popular with the locals and travellers. This market is a multi layered shop with circular stairs leading to the ground below. Hundreds of Tibetan shops selling goods from across the border (coming from Myammar etc) are found in this market. Since its inception Glory’s Plaza is where conscious Shillongites fashion buys their latest accessories and jeans. The market is holding its ground against growing franchise and branded outlets in the city.

There are some good Bengali and Muslim eateries in Police Bazar where fresh and delicious food is served. Shillongites loves Chinese food and almost every restaurants and standing mess in Khyndai lad sells Chinese food. Those looking to experiment the flavours of the khasi dish can visit a local Khasi shop selling khasi food outside the MUDA shopping complex. Familiar brands like KFC, Pizza Hut and Dominos Pizza have their outlets in Khyndai lad

A big circular fountain is located at the centre of the market. During the Christmas season the fountain is decorated with lights, Christmas trees etc adding a festive look to the Market.  Meghalaya emporium sells all kinds of handicrafts and handloom products for those interested in souvenirs and mementos.  


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