One of the most popular tourist places in Meghalaya, Nongkhnum Island is about 14 Km from Nongstoin. It is the largest River Island in Meghalaya and it is generally considered to be the second largest River Island in Asia. The enchanting island is formed with the upstream bifurcation of the Kynshi River into the Phanliang and the Namliang River. A wooden bridge that is constructed over the beautiful Weinia Falls is the only entry to the Island. The Island is popular for the beautiful waterfalls that are found in different places around the Island.

The flow of the Phanliang River creates a gorgeous sandy beach in one of its diverging course. There is a beautiful lake of about 400 to 500 square meters close to the beach. Further downstream the river forms a waterfall called Shadthum fall that is about 60 meters.

The Namliang River flows from the North and changes its course towards the east. It flows to reach a gorge but not before forming two beautiful waterfalls. The first fall is the Riatsohkhe fall and the second is the stunning Weinia fall.  

The Island is surrounded by big trees with massive grassland areas that have become natural playgrounds for local kids. The Island has plentiful fishing spots that attract a huge number of anglers. In recent times, the district administration has been organizing a two-day Nongkhnum Festival to attract tourist to the Island.

There is a motorable road that leads to the Island. Buses and private taxis are locally available from either Nongstoin or Shillong.  It is advisable to carry food and other refreshments.

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