The Mawthadraishan Peak is the tallest peak of West Khasi Hills District. It is located to the north of Nongstoin town and takes about an hour and a half to travel by road.  Mawthadraishan peak is unique as it offers four viewpoints from one place. To the North lies the Himalayas which can be seen on clear days. The plains of Assam falls within sighting range. To the south lies the plains of Bangladesh which is visible anytime of the day. The rolling hills of the Khasi hills to the east and Garo hills to the west complete the panoramic view from the summit. 

The main attraction at Mawthadraishan is found at Mawphanlur which has about 7 to 8 fish ponds.  The place therefore attracts many anglers as it is an ideal fishing ground in addition to being a great picnic spot for families and friends.   

Efforts are being made to develop trekking as an added tourist attraction. The trek to Mawphanlur is about 4 Km and it takes another 4 km to reach Markasa village.

Cars and private vehicles are easily available from Nongstoin or Shillong city.        

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