Langshiang falls is one of Meghalaya’s elusive waterfalls. It is considered to be one of India’s tallest waterfalls with a quoted height of about 335 to 340 meters. The waterfall is formed by the confluence of two beautiful rivers- the Namliang and Phanliang River. The two rivers meet at a place called Thongrin and henceforth travels for about 10 Km before plunging into a deep gorge to create the breathtaking Langshiang falls. 

Located near the village of Sangriang, the walk from the village to the waterfall takes about 30 minutes. Surrounded with natural beauty Langshiang falls is an ideal holiday spot. The waterfall is at its best during the abundant monsoon season where it unleashes its enormous force and beauty which is a treat to the eyes. The waterfall is very close to Nongkhnum Island known as Asia’s second largest river island.

Langshiang falls has become one of the important tourist attractions in Meghalaya. It is about 24 km from Nongstoin town. Private cars and taxis are easily available from Shillong or Nongstoin.  It is advisable to carry food and refreshments for the journey to Langshiang falls.

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