Kyllang rock or Lum kyllang is a massive red granite dome-shaped rock located in West Khasi hills districts. It is one of Meghalaya’s unique tourist places. It is located at a distance of 12 km from Mairang town. The rock is easily noticeable from a distance as it rises to about 5400 ft above sea level. It has a width of about 1000 ft. The southern flank of the rock is extremely steep and inaccessible. Entry to the top is possible only from the northern and eastern sides. The northern flank is lush green with rhododendron trees and oaks.

Geologist claimed that the rock is million years old and is believed to possessed magnetic properties. Kyllang rock attracts not only picnic goers but most recently it has become an important place for rock climbing aficionados. The steep side of the rock is a challenge that allows them to test their skills and dexterity.

Those interesting in hiking can do so as it offers a wonderful opportunity to marvel at the beautiful landscape of the area surrounding Kyllang rock.

For travellers and adventure seekers, it is advisable to carry food and refreshment that is easily available at Mairang town. Cars and private vehicles are easily arranged from Shillong or Mairang.    


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