Elephant falls is probably the most popular waterfall in Shillong. It is located in Upper Shillong which is a distance of about 12 km. It is a short drive from Shillong Peak which is another popular tourist spot in Shillong. For the locals Elephant falls is a perfect place to find solace from the rustling city life. The place is also a popular picnic spot. On weekends and holidays the place attracts families from near and far. For tourist visiting Shillong and avid photographers, Elephant falls is the place to be.

On passing through luxuriant trees and thick bush the sound of the falls is heard. As the sound of the fall beckons it is hard not to contain the excitement. Elephant falls is a three layered fall. The first and second fall is easily visible during the walk down the steep steps. The third fall is the highest fall which is clearly visible upon reaching the last stage of the long winding steps.

It is here where the full force and beauty of the fall comes alive. The running water plunges down dark rocks and into a small beautiful pool. During the monsoon season, the waters falling down are twice as big. The rainy season is the perfect time for visiting Elephant falls.

Snacks and beverages are available at the entrance and there are some shops selling souvenirs and local products. Tickets are available at the counter and the time to visit is from 9 am to 5 pm. Taxis are easily available from most places in Shillong.

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