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Mawsynram town is about 65 km from Shillong. It has acquired fame for being the wettest place on the planet. In addition, there are a couple of attractions that can interest travelers to this small town.

The famous Mawjymbuin cave is situated in Mawsynram. The Cave is small but the main attraction is the naturally formed Shivalinga. Thousands of Hindu devotees from across the state and outside congregate to pay obeisance to it. Entry to the cave is available at a nominal ticket fee.

The region around Mawsynram is abundant with a variety of flora and fauna. A botanical garden showcased several varieties of exotic and indigenous plants. Another place to visit is the Dwarksuid pool which is absolutely stunning. The sprawling rocky banks and the unique rock formation with their lotus shaped stones add to the beauty of the place.

Since Mawsynram is a hot monsoon destination of Meghalaya, the best time to travel is during the monsoon season where the pouring rain and numerous cascading waterfalls are bound to create a wonderful memory of the place.  

Mawsynram town is a promising tourist destination of Meghalaya. With tourist footfall increasing, Mawsynram town has adapted to keep up the change. For instance, tourist can find accommodation in decent and budget hotels as well as affordable restaurants and convenience store.

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